Interlock Device Installation: Everything You Need to Know

Ever found yourself thinking, “How do ignition interlocks work?” or searching for “interlock device installers near me”?

You’re not alone.

As car interlock installations become increasingly common, many are on the lookout for clear, straightforward information.

Whether you’re someone who is curious about how these devices work, seeking an alcohol interlock installation for personal safety, or perhaps you’ve been mandated by the court to have a breathalyser installed in your car, this guide is for you.

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device is a breathalyser for your car that is installed directly into your vehicle’s ignition system. Before the engine starts, it requires a breath sample. If the device detects alcohol above a pre-set limit, it immobilises the engine, making driving under the influence nearly impossible. This device is a crucial step towards safer roadways, merging personal responsibility with innovation to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe.

Ignition interlock device

How Do I Choose An Interlock Device Provider?

Selecting an interlock device provider may be influenced by legal requirements, but it usually falls on your shoulders, as long as they’re a certified provider. Key considerations should encompass; the proximity of their service centres to your home or workplace, ensuring a convenient location; competitive prices; and after-hours emergency technical assistance. Some may even offer insurance for device leasing, a thoughtful option to ponder.

Among the trusted names in this industry, here at Guardian Interlock, we stand out as a reliable provider in Australia, ensuring quality and convenience when it comes to managing and installing alcohol interlock devices.

How Much Does An Interlock Installation Cost?

At Guardian Interlock, we’ve got you covered. From car interlock installation to compliance with state-specific requirements, like cameras for breath samples, the costs can vary

Whether you need a simple alcohol interlock installation or a breathalyser installed in your car with photographic capabilities, rest assured, it’s a straightforward fee. The initial cost covers installation plus the first month upfront, tailored to your state’s needs. 

Drive safely and responsibly; our interlock device installers are here to assist!

Who Can Install My Alcohol Interlock Device?

Only certified interlock device installers can handle your interlock installation with precision. These experts specialise in alcohol interlock installation, ensuring that the breathalyser installed in your car functions perfectly. Understanding how interlocks work is their craft, making them the go-to professionals for this essential safety measure. Find peace of mind on the road with a flawless interlock installation, tailored to your vehicle’s needs.

To find a certified alcohol interlock device installer near you, click here.

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What Happens During The Installation Process?

In the interlock device installation process, a skilled technician will fit the device into your car, seamlessly integrating it with your vehicle’s system. But it’s not just about the installation; you will also receive essential hands-on training. This mandatory, quick, and easy tutorial ensures that you know how to successfully perform the breath test required by the alcohol interlock. You will be guided through a few trials before leaving, giving you confidence in your car interlock installation.

How Long Does The Installation Process Of My Interlock Take?

Most interlock installation processes, handled by expert interlock device installers near you, typically wrap up within 2 hours. This includes everything from setting up the breathalyser installed in your car to explaining how the interlock works. It’s a quick, efficient service ensuring your car interlock installation aligns with legal requirements. So you’ll be back on the road in no time, with the added peace of mind that alcohol interlock installation offers!

Will An Interlock Device Damage My Vehicle?

An alcohol interlock installation is more than a technical process; it’s a commitment to safety, handled with precision by certified professionals. By ensuring your vehicle’s integrity remains intact, a properly conducted interlock installation not only safeguards fellow road users but also preserves the condition and functionality of your car. Trust the process and the technology; your car is in good hands!

How Often Do I Need To Service My Interlock Device?

After the initial 30-day service, routine servicing every 30-90 days, depending on your state’s requirements, ensures the breathalyser installed in your car functions perfectly. But be aware; violations (as determined by the State or Territory Program) can lead to unscheduled visits, which may mean that you will need to return between your scheduled services. To keep your journey smooth, always consult your state’s alcohol interlock installation guidelines.

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Can I Remove The Alcohol Interlock Device Myself?

After completing your alcohol interlock program, you may wonder if you can simply uninstall it yourself. To ensure safety and compliance, only an approved service centre can handle the interlock device installation and removal process. Attempting a DIY is considered tampering and will jeopardise your journey to regaining full driving privileges. So, for a hassle-free finish, leave the interlock device installation and removal to the professionals. Remember, shortcuts aren’t always the best route!

Do You Need To Install An Alcohol Interlock Device?

Guardian Interlock is among Australia’s most reputable alcohol interlock providers, with locations in every state in Australia. Therefore, you can be sure that your Guardian-approved service centre is qualified for interlock device installation, servicing, and removal of your interlock device, and our devices are compliant with your state’s regulations. Email or call 1300 881 005 today to get started with your alcohol interlock program

We understand how essential a vehicle is, whether for work purposes, family responsibilities, or other commitments. We’re committed to helping our clients remain compliant and on the road. Our customer care representatives are available to take your calls 8.30 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Friday. We also have an Emergency assistance line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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