How to Prepare for Your Interlock Device Installation

For some, interlock device installations can be a nerve-racking and unfamiliar experience. However, at Guardian Interlock, there is no need to worry – from interlock device installation to removing the interlock device – our broad network of service centres delivers high-quality, judgement-free assistance.

As one of Australia’s most reputable suppliers, we want your interlock device installation to run as smoothly as possible. We aim to make your ignition interlock device cost and program as manageable as possible, so to best prepare for your appointment, here are a few things to keep in mind.

What Do I Need to Do Before My Interlock Installation?

Before booking an interlock device installation, ensure your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, making sure the battery and electrical systems are in good working order. If your vehicle requires any repairs, have them fixed before your interlock device installation. You will also need to organise someone to drive you to your installation appointment, as your driving privileges will have been suspended.

6 Things to Bring to Your Interlock Device Installation

Please bring the following items to your interlock device installation appointment:

  • Valid identification (driver’s licence, school ID, or passport).
  • Government provided documents pertaining to your interlock order.
  • If you are not the car’s registered owner, the owner’s consent must be provided. Have the owner complete this form before your appointment.
  • If you share your vehicle with other individuals, you should bring them to the interlock device installation because all car users must complete the device training.
  • Finances to be paid upfront for the ignition interlock device cost and the first month’s lease.
  • Any concession cards to see if you qualify for a discount on the ignition interlock device cost.

Who Installs the Alcohol Ignition Device?

Interlock device installation is a simple procedure, but it is mandatory to have your interlock device fitted by an approved service centre. Our trained experts at Guardian service centres have undergone qualifications to install, service and remove our interlock devices and endured extensive training to demonstrate how the devices function to participants clearly. All approved Guardian service centres have obtained certification and have current insurance, so you can guarantee your car is in excellent hands.

How Long Does Interlock Device Installation Take?

Depending on your car’s make, model, and year, interlock device installation can vary. Our reputable interlock service centres will inspect your vehicle and advise you of any additional ignition interlock device costs and how long they require the vehicle prior to installation.

Interlock Device Education

At Guardian Interlock, your interlock device installation also includes device training to ensure you know how to operate the alcohol interlock.

The service centre will give you a thorough review of how the device works after being installed, demonstrating how to operate the device, what the device’s sounds, lights and messages mean. They will describe what happens if you try altering or removing the interlock device. Guardian Interlock will also require you to watch video training guides for further guidance.

In some states, you will be provided with an interlock device installation certificate that you will be required to submit to the authorities when seeking your I-condition licence. In many states, drink driving offenders must confirm that their alcohol interlock device has been fitted before being relicensed.

Depending on your state’s regulations, you will need to get the device serviced every 30 to 90 days to comply with your licence condition.

In addition, you should replace the device mouthpiece after every 30 days and after every service. Or, if someone else needs to drive your car while your ignition interlock device is installed, you can provide them with a clean mouthpiece. Your interlock service centre can also provide you with extra mouthpieces in this instance. Practising good hygiene is especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic and during flu seasons.

How Much Does the Ignition Interlock Device Cost?

The ignition interlock device costs are the participant’s responsibility and are determined by their state, concession status, and vehicle. Monthly fees are the same for all vehicle types.

Installation of the ignition interlock device costs may vary because of the complexity of the vehicle, but lease fees remain the same throughout the program. There are concessions available for eligible concession cardholders on the presentation of the card at the time of service. Full details of concessions are shown on the various state interlock program websites. Guardian aims to assist you to keep costs down, but in reality, program costs are minimised by your compliance with program rules.

Don’t put off getting your interlock device installation! The program doesn’t start until the interlock is fitted, and the consequence is a delay in qualifying for your full licence. The penalties for driving without an interlock are considerably more severe than the ignition interlock device cost or the inconvenience of installing the device. At Guardian Interlock, we make every effort to make your interlock program participation as painless and straightforward as possible.

If you tamper, alter, circumvent, or remove the interlock device after it has been installed, you may face significant consequences, including licence extensions, suspensions, fines, and jail time.

The full requirements for each interlock program are on the relevant state website, and the local authorities provide written information. Guardian provides a compliance guide to assist you in interpreting these rules to maintain compliance and avoid additional ignition interlock device costs and program extensions.

Why Choose Guardian Interlock for Your Interlock Device Installation?

If you are required to have an interlock ignition device, your first thought is probably, “Where can I get an interlock device installed near me?”

At Guardian Interlock, we understand that you have options when it comes to ignition interlock providers. Guardian Interlock is an independent, family-owned company that has provided alcohol ignition interlock systems to private groups and state authorities for over twenty years, preventing the operation of vehicles by impaired drivers.

Guardian Interlock manages alcohol interlock programs/schemes on behalf of various state transport authorities in Australia. We provide interlock services to thousands of users in metropolitan and regional areas nationwide via our network of approved service centres.

Guardian also provides interlock services to private and commercial customers who voluntarily install a Guardian alcohol interlock. These customers range from businesses enhancing their road safety posture to private individuals such as young drivers and those susceptible to problematic drinking and driving.

Guardian understands your need for a vehicle, whether for work, commuting, family or other responsibilities. We’re dedicated to assisting clients to remain compliant and on the road. That is why our customer care representatives are available to take your calls 8.30-5.00 Monday to Fridays.

We also have an assistance line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an emergency. Please bear in mind that during COVID-19, the number of enquiries has increased so that delays may be incurred.

Guardian Interlock is one of Australia’s most reputable interlock suppliers, with locations across Australia. Therefore, you can be confident that your Guardian approved service centre is qualified from interlock device installation to removing interlock device services, and our devices comply with your state’s regulations. Email or call 1300 881 005 today to get started with your alcohol interlock program.

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