On the hunt for a convenient and trustworthy interlock installation near you? Look no further than Guardian Interlock. Our extensive network of interlock service centres spans the nation, covering both bustling cities and serene regional areas. We understand that the inner workings of modern vehicles can be intricate, which is why we exclusively collaborate with skilled auto electricians and mechanics. Their expertise guarantees a seamless integration of the alcohol interlock device into your vehicle, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Please note that only interlock service centres within our approved network are authorised to install and service your alcohol interlock. Tampering with the ignition interlock or using an unauthorised service centre may result in penalties and reporting to your road traffic authority. If your vehicle requires repairs, you can purchase a mechanics code to bypass the interlock while it’s being worked on.

For mobile interlock installation services or to find your nearest service centre, click on your state of residence below or use our Store Locator. Get in touch with us today to discuss your interlock installation requirements.

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