An Alcohol Interlock System is a device that prevents a vehicle from being operated by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol. The alcohol interlock device is fitted to the ignition and requires a breath sample from the driver before the vehicle can be started. If the sample provided is over the pre-agreed limit, the vehicle will not start. The alcohol interlock device may also require the driver to carry out breath tests at various points within the journey to ensure the driver does not consumer alcohol after the initial test has been passed. Ultimately, the safety precautions that these alcohol ignition interlock devices use aim to help the driver separate drinking from driving in any way possible. 

An Alcohol Ignition Interlock System is used in Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Programs, where participants are required to have an Alcohol Ignition Interlock fitted to their vehicle for a certain period of time, for conviction of certain drink driving offences. However, these alcohol interlock devices can also be used in the workplace to ensure the safety of staff and customers or for personal use.

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