Guardian Interlock manages alcohol interlock programs/schemes on behalf of various state transport authorities in Australia. We provide interlock services in metropolitan and regional areas nationwide via our vast network of trained service centres. Because modern vehicles are becoming increasingly complex we only use suitably qualified Auto Electricians and Mechanics to ensure that the interlock is correctly and seamlessly integrated into your vehicle. Guardian also provides private interlock services to businesses who have taken the decision to enhance their road safety and to private individuals such as young drivers and those susceptible to problematic drinking and driving. Guardian has an alcohol interlock solution to suit all needs.

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Respect, fairness, honesty, and integrity are the foundations of our client relationships who, like us, place a high priority on road safety. We listen to and respond to consumer comments while maintaining information security and personal privacy. To guarantee that our client’s requirements are satisfied, we are committed to the highest ethical standards and service quality.

The safety drivers and members of the public are our primary concerns. At Guardian, we are committed to protecting Australia’s roads by maintaining high road safety standards and providing life-saving technology that is simple to install and operate.

General UsageFAQ's

What If More Than One Person Uses My Vehicle?

If you share your vehicle with other people it’s a good idea for them to attend the training provided at your installation. They will also be required to submit a breath sample via the alcohol interlock to start the vehicle and you are responsible for all samples logged.

I Drive More Than One Vehicle – Do I Need to Have an Ignition Interlock Fitted To Each?

As part of your offender alcohol interlock program, you will be given a new licence with an interlock condition, meaning you cannot legally drive any vehicle without an ignition interlock device fitted. If you own multiple vehicles and wish to drive them, you must have an alcohol interlock fitted to each vehicle.

I drive a company vehicle – do I need to have an ignition interlock fitted to this vehicle?

Yes. If you only drive a company vehicle, you will need to seek your employer’s permission to have an alcohol interlock fitted to the vehicle.

I have an interlock, and I am moving to a different state – what do I do?

Please refer to your state authority for licencing requirements and then contact Guardian to discuss your options.

Can the Interlock Stop My Car?

The interlock will stop you starting your car if it is in lockout but it will never stop your car while the engine is running. If you miss or fail a retest and don’t take a subsequent test in the countdown period the alarms will sound and indicator lights will flash but the vehicle will not turn off unless you turn the ignition off yourself. Turning the ignition off will turn the alarms off.

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Guardian offers premium quality, accurate and effective interlock systems for vehicles across Australia. To learn more about the products that we offer and install at our Service Centres, please follow the link below.

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