Are you Concerned About a Loved One’s Drinking Problem? Discover how a Voluntary Interlock Installation Can Help!

Watching someone you care about battle with a drinking problem is never easy. While you may be eager to assist them before it’s too late, as unaddressed alcohol problems can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in real-life repercussions, these situations are tough to navigate.

Since most everyday individuals are unsure where to start, just one of the practical methods proven to help alcohol dependency is treatment with a voluntary interlock device installation in their vehicle.

As trustful providers of interlock device installations, we are on a mission to educate the public on just how beneficial these devices can be. So, keep reading to discover five reasons how a breathalyser for car ignition could help someone you care about to obtain the support they require with Guardian Interlock!

How Much Alcohol is Too Much?

Experts say the point at which drinking becomes a significant problem is when a person loses control of how much they drink or believes they need alcohol to cope. Examining how someone’s drinking impacts many elements of their life is one method mental health and medical specialists use to evaluate if an individual has a drinking issue.

If your loved one does any of the following, they may have a drinking problem:

  • Can’t spend a day without consuming alcohol.
  • Frequently consume more alcohol than they should and are commonly caught driving while inebriated.
  • Having relationship issues as a result of drinking
  • Drinking gets the individual into problems at home, school, or work.
  • Have obtained a legal issue resulting from drinking, such as a DUI.

5 Good Reasons Interlock Device Installations Help Individuals with Drinking Problems

Although alcohol interlocks may appear to be a drastic step to combat drink driving, a breathalyser for a car ignition has shown to be quite successful. Interlock device installations can help problem drinkers in various ways, whether they have been battling alcoholism for many years or just recently. Here are five compelling reasons to get an interlock device installation right now.

  1. Take Accountability

Even if you’ve never been charged with a DUI or DWI, you should still get an ignition interlock device installed if you have a problem with alcohol. Interlock device installations are a clever strategy that will help individuals take responsibility for their activities.

An alcohol interlock installation requires a personal commitment to remain sober and get regular check-ins. While we all assume that we would never make the inappropriate option to drive when intoxicated; nevertheless, making that decision while inebriated is difficult. If you have a breathalyser for car ignition, it will make that decision for you, pushing you to find alternative ways to get home safely.

  1. Enforces the Ideology to Keep Driving and Drinking Separate

Blood/breath concentration (BAC) is difficult to estimate since various variables might alter a person’s BAC. For example, instead of attempting to keep track of what you’re drinking or assuming you are sober enough to drive home. An interlock device installation is a 100% flaw-proof tool to ensure no one gets behind your wheel with even the smallest amount of alcohol in their system.

Plus, keep in mind that you might still be over 0.05 the next morning after a long night of drinking. This results in thousands of accidental drunk driving offences. Again, the interlock device installation ensures that even if the driver believes they are sober, they cannot start the vehicle.

  1. Minimises Recidivism

A breathalyser for car ignition is the most frequently used device to prevent drunk driving for a reason – they are incredibly effective. However, the rate at which a convicted person is likely to re-offend is referred to as recidivism. For example, under most Australian state legislation for repeat offenders, people who make the same mistake again face harsher penalties.

When fitted to a car, interlock device installations have been shown to reduce recidivism by 50 to 90 per cent. This number covers first-time offenders and those regarded as difficult to break the cycle of impaired driving. So, if you’re tired of repeating the same mistakes, get an interlock device to protect your record from additional damage.

  1. Make Driving Your Car Impossible for Anyone When Inebriated

If you own your car outright, you are also accountable for everyone who gets behind the wheel. Anyone who drives your vehicle after interlock device installation will also be required to use it. Therefore, multiple individuals can be safeguarded against drink driving with just one interlock device installation.

  1. Alcohol Interlocks are Less Costly than Being Charged with a DUI

Drink driving may harm your reputation as well as your bank account. Understanding the total cost of drunk driving versus the interlock installation cost may persuade you to fight or avoid the accusation altogether, so consider the following:

Legal fees for defending your offence are incredibly costly, including bail, court costs, lawyer costs, and fines. In addition, you will need to pay for personal expenses, which are financial penalties that arise outside of the courtroom because of a DUI conviction, such as towing and impound fees, licence reinstatement, and insurance price raises are some examples.

Medical assessments of substance abuse treatment and education on substance abuse can also be a required expense if you are charged with a DUI. Not to mention the negative impact DUI charges have on your record, which may restrict your future chances.

On the other hand, installing a voluntary alcohol interlock can be less than the costs associated with a DUI charge. The interlock installation cost for private and commercial use is the participant’s responsibility which can vary depending on the individual’s state, concession status, and vehicle.

Plus, Guardian offers flexible payment options including outright purchase, rent to buy or lease to ensure the alcohol installation cost is accessible to all. Contact our friendly Guardian team for specific quotes on private and commercial alcohol interlock installation costs.

Why Choose Guardian Interlock for Your Interlock Device Installation?

Voluntary interlock device installations are a fantastic way to be aware of substance limitations and how your body processes alcohol, as long as you use the device with caution and common sense. For example, if you want a voluntary breathalyser for car ignition, your first thought is probably, “Where can I get an interlock device installed near me? “.

At Guardian Interlock, we understand you have options when it comes to ignition interlock providers. Guardian Interlock is an Australian independent, family-owned company that has provided alcohol ignition interlock programs – from interlock device installation to removing the interlock device. Delivering ignition interlocks to safety-conscious individuals, private companies, and state authorities for over twenty years, preventing the operation of vehicles by impaired drivers.

Guardian Interlock also provides alcohol interlocks for private and commercial customers who voluntarily install a Guardian breathalyser for car ignition. These customers range from businesses enhancing their road safety posture to private individuals who believe they may be susceptible to problematic drinking and driving.

We provide voluntary interlock device installations, servicing and removing interlock devices to users in metropolitan and regional areas nationwide via our network of approved service centres.

Guardian understands your need for a vehicle, whether for work, commuting, family or other responsibilities. We’re dedicated to assisting clients to remain compliant and on the road. That is why our customer care representatives are available to take your calls 8.30-5.00 Monday to Fridays.

We also have an assistance line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an emergency. Please bear in mind that during COVID-19, the number of enquiries has increased so that delays may be incurred.

Guardian Interlock is one of Australia’s most reputable interlock suppliers, with locations across Australia. Therefore, you can be confident that your Guardian approved service centre is qualified for interlock device installation, servicing and removing interlock devices, and our devices comply with your state’s regulations. Email or call 1300 881 005 today to start your alcohol interlock program and learn about the specific interlock installation costs.

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