Can You Beat an Alcohol Interlock Device?

There are a lot of misconceptions and fast hacks all over the internet claiming to “trick” a breathalyser, but unfortunately, those tricks don’t work and will get you into severe trouble. Instead, attempting to bypass a breathalyser for car ignition or tamper with the camera to obscure the image will result in harsh penalties, fines, loss of your licence or further criminal charges on your record.

Nevertheless, many owners of alcohol interlocks believe they can still “beat the system” by circumventing an ignition interlock device. In reality, tampering, circumventing or removing the interlock device yourself is almost impossible with Guardian’s highly sophisticated alcohol interlock technology. If you attempt, you’ll be locked out of your device, a violation will be recorded, and you could have to pay more in ignition interlock device costs.

To ensure Guardian clients have the best possible relationship with their interlock device, this article will go over the various strategies and potential consequences that people use to circumvent their alcohol interlock device.

Misconception 1: Using Mouthwash or Mints to Mask the Alcohol

The most common way individuals try to pass the breathalyser for car ignition is by masking the odour of alcohol on their breath with mouthwash, mints and even onions and garlic. Regardless of what you’ve tried to eat or drink, this hack doesn’t work since modern equipment detects the alcohol on your breath.

In addition, mouthwashes actually include alcohol, and mints contain sugars that can create mouth alcohol, so they aren’t the best choice for someone trying to pass a sobriety test and can cause a false or higher BrAC to be detected.

Misconception 2: Get a Sober Person to Blow into the Alcohol Interlock Device for you

While this hack may initially start a car, most modern alcohol interlock programs utilise a camera with the interlock that captures an image of the user. The device’s camera will record the other person’s face, and you’ve made them an accessory to your crime, especially if you are stopped for a breath test or get involved in an accident.

Breathalysers for car ignitions also have a “running re-test” as part of the alcohol interlock program terms, which requires the driver to blow at regular intervals while driving. If a person’s BAC is greater than it should be, the interlock will activate an alarm, and vehicle flash its lights while on the road to inform police authorities. This stops the driver from drinking and driving after someone else has started the vehicle for them. In addition, an immediate recall for service is generated at the driver’s expense.

Remember – the onus of proving is on you to prove that it was not you as the driver. If you cannot do so, the law assumes it was you.

Misconception 3: Using Compressed Air

According to popular belief, compressed air should create the appearance of air devoid of any traces of alcohol. It does, however, have a far lower temperature than your breath.

Temperature, moisture, and air senses are built into IIDs to prevent this type of system tampering. If the minimum air pressure is not met, the breathalyser will simply request another breath test until the user is breathing normally. To ensure that the air is coming from a human, some systems require a person to inhale or hum and some measure moisture content. You may get a lockout if you use an IID while attempting an irregular breathing pattern.

Misconception 4: Drink Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant and may assist a person in becoming more alert, but it does not affect the amount of alcohol in their system.

Misconception 5: Removing Interlock Device

Even if a driver knows how to remove a breathalyser for car ignition, every removal or attempted removing interlock device is documented as a violation of the alcohol interlock program terms. For example, if you tamper with the interlock device, you could face a magistrate to hear the matter and be forced to pay additional ignition interlock device costs by having your interlock period extended. Additional criminal charges, including jail time, may be imposed for certain offences.

The Best Course of Action is to Avoid Driving

After going over all possible ways to “trick” an ignition interlock device, they all inevitably fail. The bottom line is that there is no good way to get around one. While you may believe your case is exceptional, the interlock device is there for a purpose, to keep you from endangering yourself and others by driving while inebriated.

There’s no motive to cheat, and even if there were, it wouldn’t be possible! The best course of action is to avoid drinking and driving instead of attempting to deceive an IID or removing the interlock device.

Time is the only way to lessen your BAC and not consuming any more alcohol. Your BAC will drop at a rate of.015 per hour on average; for example, it will take roughly 6.5 hours for you to attain a non-measurable amount of alcohol in your bloodstream if you have a BAC of.10.

If you’ve been drinking, getting a ride from a sober friend, using a ridesharing service, or taking a cab is always the safest and best option. Risking your life and the lives of others is not worth it.

Why Choose Guardian Interlock for Your Interlock Device Installation?

If you want a breathalyser for car ignition, your first thought is probably, “Where can I get an interlock device installed near me?”.

At Guardian Interlock, we understand you have options for ignition interlock providers. Guardian Interlock is an Australian independent, family-owned company that has provided alcohol ignition interlock programs – from interlock device installation to removing interlock device – to safety-conscious individuals, private companies, and state authorities for over twenty years, preventing the operation of vehicles by impaired drivers.

Guardian Interlock also provides alcohol interlocks for private and commercial customers who voluntarily install a Guardian alcohol interlock. These customers range from businesses enhancing their road safety posture to private individuals who believe they may be susceptible to problematic drinking and driving.

We provide voluntary interlock device installations, servicing and removing interlock devices to users in metropolitan and regional areas nationwide via our network of approved service centres at affordable ignition interlock device costs. Interlocks are available for purchase, rental or rent to buy arrangements.

Guardian understands your need for a vehicle, whether for work, commuting, family, or other responsibilities. We’re dedicated to assisting clients to remain compliant and on the road. That is why our customer care representatives are available to take your calls 8.30-5.00 Monday to Fridays.

We also have an assistance line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an emergency. Please bear in mind that during COVID-19, the number of enquiries has increased so that delays may be incurred.

Guardian Interlock is one of Australia’s most reputable interlock suppliers, with locations across Australia. Therefore, you can be confident that your Guardian approved service centre is qualified for interlock device installation, servicing and removing interlock devices, and our devices comply with your state’s regulations. Email or call 1300 881 005 today to get started with your alcohol interlock program.

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