The below listing of articles include a wide range of current events related to interlocks, road safety and drink driving specifically. From here you can keep up to date with the latest alcohol interlock products, industry advice and company news from the professionals at Guardian Interlock.

US woman who live-streamed drink driving over Twitter avoids jail

A US woman who live-streamed a video of herself drink-driving has avoided jail after making a plea deal.
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Could alcohol interlocks be fitted to all Australian vehicles?

Australia’s peak road safety body has called for alcohol interlocks to be fitted to every vehicle in Australia, requiring all drivers to sit a breath test each time they turn the ignition, to dramatically cut the high rate of alcohol-related road deaths.
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Call for young drivers to be breath tested before driving

Breathalyser interlocks should be mandatory for P-plate drivers to help reduce car crashes, a national road safety report says.
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