About Us

Guardian Interlock is an independent, family-owned provider of alcohol ignition interlock systems, designed to prevent the operation of vehicles by impaired drivers. We manage offender interlock programs on behalf of state transport authorities, who may require drink driving offenders to have interlocks fitted as part of their rehabilitation. This prevents further drink driving, protects the public and allows the relevant authorities to monitor attempted breaches and intervene where necessary.

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We also cater to private customers who voluntarily enroll on an interlock program with Guardian. These include:

  • businesses with enhanced safety requirements, such as construction, maritime or transport;
  • road-based businesses such as freight and haulage;
  • high-profile businesses with an interest in protecting their reputations;
  • private individuals such as young drivers and those susceptible to problematic drinking and driving.

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Our products are imported from Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Canada (ACS), a world-leading company specialising in the research and development of breath analysis and alcohol detection technology. Recognised as being at the forefront of industry technology since 1970, ACS’s innovative products are trusted by law enforcement, government agencies and workplaces worldwide. All products are certified to Australian Standard AS3547 for quality assurance and, as Australia’s leading distributor of ACS products, Guardian has achieved ISO 9000 certification.

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